Maximum Action:

Rise of the Blockbuster

Escape sinking ships! Disarm nuclear bombs! Thwart mad scientists!

In Maximum Action: Rise of the Blockbuster, you star in your own summer blockbuster! With easy character creation and easily-understood game mechanics, this game is perfect for anyone who wants to play a one-shot game.

It Came From Somewhere Else!


We all know the story: a small group of friends take a weekend vacation to a secluded location, where they get drunk, have fun, and screw. Then, a monster appears! It picks them off one by one until finally one of two things happens: the movie ends with a lone survivor standing over the body of the monster, or the monster reigns triumphant to kill again another day.


This is B-movie heaven, where sometimes the living envy the dead. And now you get to be one of those hapless characters fighting to survive.

Once Upon A Time:
The Fairy Tale RPG

Fairy tales and folk tales exist in every culture and are told and re-told countless times. But what if you could make your own, new fairy tale?

Once Upon A Time is a simple system suitable for young or beginning roleplayers wherein the players become the protagonists in their own fairy tale.

Matson's Guide to Gods & Goddesses of the Realms

The famed explorer and naturalist Orson Matson wrote thousands of pages worth of observations of the world and its wonders.

This, the first volume of his codices, presents information on 25 of the gods and goddesses to be found throughout the realms.

100 Wild Magic Effects

Whether it's because magic is too wild to ever fully control, or whether a spellcaster makes an epic flub, or whether the universe is just having a laugh, sometimes things don't go quite as intended.

This document gives you 100 different ways to show what happens when magic gets out of control.