Even More Game Jam, This Time Magic-Flavored

We're on a bit of a game jam kick at the moment and couldn't resist entering another one. Here's our new single-player game, One Spell Per Day, where you play Bumblefoot the Would-Be Wizard as they try to adventure with a slightly recalcitrant spellbook. https://dapperbear.itch.io/one-spell-per-day

Game Jam Goodness!

Ever wondered what happens to those fantasy adventurers who decide enough's enough and quit the dangerous life of dungeon delving before it kills them? Well, it turns out that they're perfectly suited to becoming the world's first reporters! To get into the swing of things for 2019, we submitted an entry to the "Transferable Class Skills" RPG game jam over on itch.io, called "The Medieval Times: Journalistic Excellence". It's a quick, rough draft game, and we plan on refining and expanding on it later this year, but check it out now! You get to brag that you played it before it got all cool and big! http://bit.ly/2V9Xitl

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